About Cord Cutters HQ

Welcome to Cord Cutters HQ!

For the uninitiated, cord cutting or cutting the cord is a fairly new term that means cutting your expensive, monthly cable bill! If you're like me, you're sick of paying over $100 every month to Comcast or Time Warner or some other behemoth cable company that sucks!

I first heard of cord cutting in 2012. While some people can cut the cord and never watch TV again, I knew I wasn't one of them! Sure, I don't need 918 channels, I do watch some TV and I didn't want to give it up for good! That's when I set out to learn as much about cutting the cord as humanly possible.

I figured out how to keep all my sports along with new episodes of my favorite shows and for less than I was paying the cable companies! I learned the best ways to stream Netflix and Amazon and how to find new entertainment on Twitch.tv and YouTube Red.

I was saving money almost instantly and I was hooked!

Once I was set up, I shared all I learned with my friends and family and almost overnight I'd converted them all. That's when I knew I should set up a site to share all my tips & tricks and thus Cord Cutters HQ was born.

So if you're sick and tired of wasting your money on cable companies and like the idea of saving over a thousand dollars a year, check out our Cord Cutting Beginner's Guide and our Cord Cutting FAQs!

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