Is Cutting the Cord Right For You?

It's official. Channel surfers around the globe can say goodbye to high priced cable bills month after month. Yes, it's true, thanks to cord cutting! But before you're 100% free, there are a few certain things you need tp bear in mind before navigating television without major cable contracts.

First thing’s first:

How much does cord-cutting save?

A savvy customer can get a quick and rough estimate by calculating their annual saving thanks to By entering your monthly cable expenses, you can calculate your yearly savings and see all the big bucks you’ve been giving away to major cable companies, especially for so many channels you never watch!

Now while saving money but cutting the cord is great, you'll most likely be replacing it with some form of streaming high quality television. However, a dial-up connection might make your cord cutting experience less enjoyable. For those of you worried about a slow internet, go to test your download and upload speeds.

Any download connection slower than a 2MB per second might encounter problems with streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu. Common problems include poor quality or frequent buffering, however a 2mb 2MB internet connection is a very common thing to have in the United States and most people shouldn't have trouble with streaming movies and television online!

Streaming media from the internet to your TV (or mobile device) sounds pretty sweet, but what if you don’t have an internet provider?

Cord Cutting with OTA Antennas

For those of you without internet and wish to cut the cord, your efforts are not in vain. With the use of OTA (Over-the Air) Antennas. Television enthusiasts can flip through primetime networks just like the good ole days.

Different antennas offer a wider range of OTA channels with the pricier ones picking up a wider range of channels, naturally. For an idea of OTA antenna price ranges, visit our antenna reviews page to find the highest rated antennas at the lowest price! As for figuring out which channels you'll get, there are two main sources to check available stations in your area. First head to Antenna Web and enter your zip code. The results will you which stations will be available in your area based on which antenna your purchase. TV Fool is the next site to check out for a more technical analysis of your area's available free channels.

Based on reviews and personal experience, I find the Mohu Leafs to be the best OTA antennas currently on the market. They have a Metro version for big cities, a 30-mile range, and a 50-mile range antenna.

Streaming Sticks Make Cord Cutting Super Easy

If you have a nice TV, cutting the cord doesn't mean you have to give it up! There are three main streaming sticks on the market that all let you stream HD video, like televisions and movies, from your computer or phone straight to your TV without any technical knowledge needed! Google makes a device called the Chromecast, Amazon offers a Fire TV, while Roku has a stick of their own!

Again, based on reviews and personal experience, I find the Amazon Fire TV with the remote control to be the best choice. However I'd put the Chromecast in a super close second as I'm also in love with mine! The Roku stick is okay and only the preferred option if you already have Roku's service.

Cord Cutting is Easy!

All in all, there are several key things a cord cutter should consider before making the snip. But as you can see, with just a few items, you can be saving hundreds of dollars this year! All you need is a decent Internet connection, an antenna, and streaming stick are all you need to keeping your favorite television shows while saving huge money!

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