Cord-Cutting Saves Consumers $1 Billion per Year

It should come as no surprise that cord-cutting saves people money every year. It might just shock you as to how much though!

According to a new study by the research firm cg42, cord-cutting could already cost pay-TV providers and save consumers nearly $1 billion in revenue per year!

The results … estimates that pay-TV providers could lose about $1,248 per cord-cutter annually. That’s because the average cord-cutter saves $104 a month—about 56% of their bill—from dropping cable TV.

Saving $104 a month, just from cutting the cord, is phenomenal to me. Just goes to show why more and more consumers are ditching their cable packages! It's nice to see actual evidence that cord-cutting is saving people money too. One of the biggest knocks being lobbied by Big TV is that cord-cutting is a futile effort that consumers shouldn't try, but clearly that's wrong!

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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